Wednesday, 19 July 2017

lowering age for sexual consent

lowering age for sexual consent

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there are various reports in the media that the law for lowering the age to 16 was already passed.  There is no clarity if it is indeed so. Its time to find out if that really is the case as this is a major shift in policy.... more on that once we get some confirmation
but what is the issue - my old article is reproduced below

Hope this post finds you in the pink of health and wealth! I am returning after a long hiatus as i had gone for the maha kumbh mela,  the highlights of which i will post shortly.

As i woke up from my bed today, I saw that the bill to lower the age for sexual consent was almost passed. As i understand, this was part of the recommendations of the honourable justice verma committee report.  Being a common man, i was confused. The honourable committee was setup to prevent rape and other attrocities against women but i could not understand how this reduction in age for consent fell in the ambit of that charter. How can reduction in the age reduce the number of rapes or the attrocities?

In my opinion the lowering of ageof sexual consent  is not a good option for young girls for the following reasons:

1.   Who benefits from this rule? it certainly cant be the little girls.  it would only legitimise the rich older men or the road side goons forcing themselves for sex by way of offering money or threats. As a father of a little girl myself i am not at all comfortable with the idea of  16 year olds having sex.

2.   At 16 what is their understanding of sex? and why should they have sex at 16? where is the tearing hurry? A girl at 16 would be in class x or xi by then. Are we as a nation willing to accept that girls in class x/xi  can have sex? If we cannot, then why this new rule?

3.  This will lead to an increase in teen pregnancies which even the most developed of western nations are grappling to resolve

4.   Medical complications would rise earlier in life due to abortions.

5.   Loss of innocence of children as they would be viewed as sexual objects much earlier especially at a age where they may not be able to handle themselves. (below is a shocking pic of a teenager)

6.    It may be much more difficult to prove the rape of the girls between 16 to 18 as the 'lack of consent' has to be first established.

7.     Will lead to trafficking of younger girls as it would be very difficult to make out between a healthy 14 year old and normal 16 year old.

Despite these obvious issues, there were several bogey's raised by several learned people that lowering the age will reduce HIV/STD/other diseases, harassment of young people etc.  These learned people including some women were actually batting for lowering the age.

The West had experimented with this free culture and they are feeling the effects now.  Unmarried mothers, many in teens, parents holed up in old age homes etc are just a few of those effects.  Many of the teen unmarried mothers informed that they were never aware of what they were getting into at that age and by the time they realised their folly, they were too pregnant or with a child already. It must be understood that at times it is difficult even to abort a baby which forces the girl to deliver the child.  Moreover how would an indian girl in class x or xi inform her parents that she is pregnant? Are we really ready for that sort of confrontation?

The West is in a turmoil today and they are looking at our sanatana dharma for peace and salvation.  At such a time we are trying to ape their flawed system.  A system so flawed that it is full of failed marriages and broken relations.  So, rather than aping the west it may be worth while, to lay emphasis on our culture and rediscover its wonderful teachings which form the foundations for rock solid indian families.  While we are doing that, we may educate our youth about 'respect for women' and bring about a generational change in this decade.
In the meantime, I can only pray that somebody puts a stop to this lowering of age and stem further decline in our social practices.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Single Girl child

Single girl child
A lot of Govts have offered some fantastic schemes for the single girl child.

1. Ladli Scheme of Delhi
2. Balri Rakshak Yojana in Punjab
3. Ladli Scheme of Haryana
4. Girl Child Protection Scheme in AP
5. Mukhya Mantri Kanya Vivah Yojana-Bihar.... and so on

A list of popular schemes can be accessed here

one or two
These schemes are truly commendable and offer a special incentive for bringing a girl child into this world and  stopping with just that one. 

But, it is rather surprising that no such incentives exist for parents with two daughters 
OK let me play the devil's advocate here and consider the reasons for someone to stop with a single girl child....

1.   They are happy with one - be it boy or girl
2.   Medical reasons do not permit them to have a second
3.   They are not sure that they can get a boy in the second attempt
4.   Financial condition does not permit having a second child after first girl child
5.   Lastly - a slightly disturbing reason - they may have aborted a second child after coming to know that it is a girl (one can argue that it is not possible due to govt regulations on the subject but clandestinely it is happening which is why some clinics are caught once in a while) and so on...

So, if we look at these impassionately we would realise that single girl child option in a large number of cases is not the natural option but one that was forced upon them due to any of the reasons above.

Now, consider the state of parents with two girl children - 
1. they braved the decison to go in for a second despite not being sure if they would get a boy
2.  many people go in for a second despite their medical condition
3. undergo tremendous financial strain in india due to marriage expenses, dowry etc  for the girl child
4. did not go for a sex determination test/ or even if they did went ahead with the baby.

The last option deserves applause as it would have been very easy to abort rather than go for a second girl child (I only mean financially for poor families).  Despite this noble step taken by them, they are not rewarded for the same. 

In reality, everyone would agree that a family with two girl children needs more financial incentives than the one with a single girl child.

To conclude, Daughters are a blessing for the love they give to their parents and one can surely say that one who does not have a daughter is missing something in life, but Govt also may consider offering financial incentives even for people with twice the blessings because they are the ones who actually need them more than the ones with single girl child.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Media - peddling unimportant news?

media -peddling unimportant news

 As I read the story of wing commander MS Dhillon 

- it suddenly struck me that this young man passed away in the line of duty while I was sipping my drink in my living room and watching one of the discussions on 'Wani' or 'separatists' or 'hardik patel' or some other similar issue.  For the next couple of days also there was no story of heroism of this young man who could have stayed back after rescuing 169 people which is a commendable feat by itself. He still went on another mission in the bad weather as more stranded people were there to be picked up.  He put the service to others ahead of his self and was martyred in the process.

There are several such stories of courage, helpfulness and sincerity in our country of 1.2 billion. Why aren't the media houses picking up such positive news?  Everyday we are bombarded with news of murder, rape, kidnap, molestation etc. Not that they are by any means small offences - but there is no positive news about our people or country!!

Maybe time to have a channel reporting only the good things in our country!! Even the Govt can have it - or even turn DD into "Good News' channel!!

Wing commander Mandeep Singh Dhillon

Mumbai Airport parking fees

Original post by Ms Bandita Bose in facebook

The nation has the right to information too...
On the 4th of July we lost a very dear friend in a tragic helicopter crash during a flood rescue operation in Arunachal Pradesh. 

Wing Commander Mandeep Singh Dhillon. The reason I am posting this here... is because the media will report loss of a machine in the 5th page of some newspaper, in a ticker in some news channel, but the story of MS Dhillon must be told...

He was commanding the Helicopter Unit at Tezpur, and had over 18 years of flying experience in varied terrain, from icy mountains to the jungles of North East India.  With his death, not only has India lost a brave son but his family and friends have lost a true friend, gentleman and a buddy. Dhillon would always say things the way they should be told. His lazy nasal voice was signature to him. His warm smile would make you reflect it every-time you saw it. 

Never shying away from his core job, was always enthusiastic about his passion and profession. On 04 July 2017 before he went down for the final time, he had already made five sorties and had rescued 169 stranded people. During the return and the sixth sortie in adverse weather and difficult flying conditions, the helicopter crashed.

All of us who have known him in person are devastated and in shock to say the least. More strength to his family. 

Today, with the prevalent scenario while we are forever ready to pounce on our armed forces for the smallest thing, I just wanted to bring to the forefront, our sons, brothers, friends are continuing to lay their lives for the nation. Media will never tell us this... But the citizens have a right to know.

IAF adds - 

Mandeep belonged to Patiala and came from a defence background. A role model to a generation of younger officers and to the cadets of NDA, where he was once posted as an instructor. Wing Commander Mandeep Singh Dhillon was also a long distance runner who won almost every long distance race in which he ever participated. After completing his schooling from RIMC Dehradun, he was selected for NDA as an Air Force cadet and joined Foxtrot Sqn. He never liked being away from the flying duties and pursed his flying passion with sincerity. With his death, India has lost a dare devil officer, a thorough gentleman and a very kind soul.  May his soul rest in peace and may the God give the loved ones the strength to bear this irreparable loss. Survived by wife , and a young daughter and a son.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Mumbai Airport parking fees

Mumbai Airport parking fees
Mumbai airport is a great piece of art. one of my well travelled friend was truly amazed at the grandeur of the airport from the departure terminal. The designers and the GVK group deserve applause for this. While the departure terminal is truly world class and can better many International airports, the arrival end is not very user friendly and falls short of the high expectations set from the departure end. Mumbai is probably one of the few airports in india where the pickup is far away from the arrival gate and a new person arriving at mumbai would be thoroughly confused!!!

Especially, the parking fee woes bewilder me. All domestic passengers (till recently) and  international passengers are paying a user development fee.  Should that not include provision of parking also? atleast free pickup?. It is amazing that even a pickup by private car is chargeable.  This is even more so amazing as the same is free in the domestic terminal (santacruz) for 5 min duration.  5-10 min is free at  many of the domestic airports not managed by corporates.  

Even the passengers walking down the road to avoid paying the parking fee (out of sheer principle) were charged for using the elevated access road i.e somehow they were being charged the parking fee.  Thanks to Shiv Sena Member of Legislative Council Anil Parab who protested against this practice and it was stopped temporarily.

And the taxi strike today again on parking woes - hope better sense prevails and all concerned resolve these issues in the best interests of air travellers.  Ultimately Mumbai has one of the best airports in the world - why mar the reputation for petty parking issues


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Vladimir Putin standing in the rain

Great respect shown to soldiers not only by Mr Vladimir Putin but also many others in the assembly.  Well done!!

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Nirbhaya judgement

The Sc judgement on the Nirbhaya case is at last relief and closure for the bereaved family and the full nation.  While this case became ill-famous for its barbaric nature, several more lesser incidents of rape were reported since the nirbhaya incident.  So much so that societies in some cities have started community policing.  it would be interesting to note that i suggested this as the way forward way back in janaury 2013. you can read that article here;postID=6569083789828707730;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=87;src=postname

This hanging does not take care of the juvenile though.  He is somewhere there amongst us - working as a cook!!! What is chilling is - he is just one psycho who had been caught (and let off) but there may be many more such people  quietly lurking in the alleys!!
We must be Aware and more importantly Arise to stop any such crimes happening in front of us.  No amount of poilicing will work as there are just not enough police - only on ground vigilantes can help (cure the disease).  

How to avoid the disease is an altogether different subject and requires a fundamental change in our mindset - that is my next post

Monday, 15 August 2016

lavish weddings and female infanticide

lavish weddings and female infanticide
Village councils in rajasthan have banned lavish weddings. They resolved to impose fines and social ostracism of offenders.

This is intended to reduce the burden of the girl's parents.  This news brought great joy to me as these simple villagers have managed to do something that the highly educated and sophisticated haven't even thought of!!!
Expenses for a simple marriage in a city costs upwards of ten lakhs (considering venue cost of 2-3 lakhs, food @about 1000 per head for about 500-600 people and misc expenses).  This does not even include all the other expenses like travel, accmdn, gifts and dowry etc.  Even for a middle class family, the marriage expenses would not be less than 25-30 lakhs per girl child including post marriage rituals.  This just doubles if one has two girl children.  Where do people get this kind of money?  They have to spend all their life long earnings and take further loans too to meet this requirement.  
This is the fundamental reason for female infanticide.  People are just scared of the expenses.  We may try to educate the people as much as we want against female infanticide, but that would be just curing the symptom.  The disease would not be cured.  The primary disease is the expenditure involved in getting a girl married.  This is the issue that needs to be addressed.
For starters, we may take a cue from these rajasthan villages and ban lavish marriages across the country.  We can even think of centralised community marriages in each city/village and share the expenses amongst all concerned.  
We need some truly radical solutions to make some progress in this direction and these rajasthan villages have taken a giant first step!!! 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

udta punjab

the producers of the movie udta punjab must be elated after the high court verdict which passed the movie with just one cut as against 89 proposed by cbfc.

the cbfc is a certification committee and not a censoring committee said the majority of people in the know with some even demanding the resignation of mr pahlaj nihalani!!!

let us deconstruct these issues one by one:-

1.  freedom of speech - whose? your freedom of speech does not mean that you mouth expletives in my ear!!! so mouthing expletives and profanities cannot be called freedom of speech and are aimed merely to generate some shock value for the film.

2.  victory of democracy - seriously?!!! does showing things such as injecting drugs amount to any glorification of democracy? 

3.  cbfc is only a certification commitee - yes that is true but if the cbfc does not ensure that unhealthy/violent images/words are not shown to the public then who else will.  when you go with your children to a movie who will ensure that some bad/unpalatable scenes are not slipped past? what do you do then? close their eyes??

4.  choice of audience - this is an absolute lie propagated by those industry people who make a living out of selling sleaze neatly packaged with a stylish tinge.  the makers of such films are the most vociferous critics of cbfc and mr nihalani.

5.  majority want such films - this is the biggest lie - as we see in all the media, it is people connected with the industry who are batting for such films and such expressions in films.  havent seen any common people asking for such content.  

6.  cuss words - who introduced words like item, bomb, maal, chikni chameli, bose-dk, haramz@@de etc etc to main stream audiences? it is bollywood ofcourse.   we cringe to hear such voices on the street now being used by the young but we must realise that these words are the needless blessings bollywood showered on the society.  so what happens when cbfc bans some cuss words - there is a huge uproar!!!

Mr nihalani is fighting a tough battle - a one man army of sorts - think of his opponents - complete bollywood, media, all anti bjp parties and some of his own i.e cbfc and ministry.

that he stood firm and true to his job is a very valiant effort and for that mr nihalani - you are my hero.  dont get ambushed by partisan media - mr nihalani pse keep up your efforts- you may not be winning right now but rest assured you are doing the right thing.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

JNU protests

There is so much of politicking over the JNU protests!!! 

it is shocking and worrying to see young women and men take part in these protests in such large numbers. what is even more shocking is their belief in their cause (which is anti-india).

Such strong thoughts or visions could not have developed overnight and JNU must be harbouring these ideas over a long period of time.  The University must have been allowed to just simmer away quietly for years but now it has come to a boil.

There are people justifying it as "dissent" against government. Well you can dissent against the government but not against the country. That is basic common sense.

As the character Eddie Valentine (Paul Sorvino) in the 1991 movie "Rocketeer" says "I may not make an honest buck but I am 100% American"

There is a lot for our political parties to learn from this one line.   It may be too much of us to expect all of you to be honest but definitely we expect you to be 100% Indian!!

the simple botom line is - there is no place for anti-india protests in india. 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Cafe Leopold - why do you feel so inferior?

It is reported that while 02 Indian families were made to wait for tables a group of foreigners were seated as soon as they came.  On confronting the management & staff over the issue, they were asked this - "why do you feel so inferior?"

Hard to accept but the inferior treatment is true.  Any one who visited places like Leopold can clearly see the discrimination between foreigners and indians unless they are half blind!!! I once waited for 20 minutes despite all tables being empty.  "They are all reserved", was the reply. So, I did the only thing I could do - i.e leave the place. That was 15 years ago and never tried to go back again!!!  But things are very different now in the age of social media.  People may not meekly accept this kind of racism in our own country.

We are a democratic country for 65 years but people such as these can make us feel inferior in our country!!! Often they forget that many of these foreigners are relatively lower paid people whose income may not even be half the income of many indians aspiring to visit such places.    So what makes them a better draw then? fair skin? low cut dresses? possibility of making out? Well your guess is as good as mine!!! or even as one waiter at a 5 star hotel quietly told me - "they are better tippers sir".

This is one racism that media should take up. more than the vip racism  in this country (because vip is also indian), color and country based racism in our own country needs to be taken up so urgently.

we heard that hotels used to have sign boards such as these during the british raj!!!

Hope such things are not happening even now (without the sign boards of course)

many of us do not have the will or commitment to take on such big establishments.  like me - i felt bad about the way i was treated but walked away without doing anything about it.  In such a scenario, Kudos to this lady for taking up her case valiantly.  May there be more like her!!!

Lastly, it is not just about boycotting the restaurant. That may or may not work.  

What is more important is taking pride in being an "Indian". Nobody can make us feel "inferior" in our own country.  We are a growing world super power (despite the colour of our skin) which the entire world is recognising slowly.  When our PM Modi ji speaks the whole world listens with attention - which makes our hearts swell with pride - But if some establishments within our own country feel otherwise and want to puncture our pride - it is a sad state and the Government may also like to step in to ensure that such things do not happen.

lowering age for sexual consent

lowering age for sexual consent hi all   there are various reports in the media that the law for lowering the age to 16 was alr...